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Has your Food related business been negatively affected by Corona Virus?

By 30/03/2020 April 17th, 2020 No Comments

It’s a no-brainer that businesses whether they are massive enterprises or small-medium businesses, have been affected quite negatively in relation to recent worldly events.

What does this mean for them exactly? Many have temporarily closed down, gone bankrupt, laid employees off, furloughed employees or are now working from home.

So what can we as businesses do? We need to adapt. With the majority of the population now stuck at home due to self-isolation, the majority are going to be sat online, this needs to be taken advantage of.

This ultimately boils down to an important question.

• How do you want to look?

• More importantly, how do you want your brand to look?

• You could provide useful and calm information to your buyer personas to try and help them understand what is happening and promote healthy and safe behaviours.

• You could try and create a community, have your customers to work together on keeping each other safe.  After all, if one person in the community isn’t safe – then the community isn’t safe.

• You could adopt the humourous approach and create shareable or meme-able content.

The choice is entirely yours.

Online Ordering System

On the other hand, we’ve made this extremely easy for you, as the current situation dictates that only food deliveries are allowed, and with major delivery companies such as Just Eat and Uber Eats taking a 20%-30% cut per order, it’s not exactly ideal.

Let me put that into numbers for you, if for example, you made £5000 a month, £1000 of that would have been lost in commission, over 12 months that’s a lot of money…

Hence, here at Triangle Cove we have the solution for you, we have partnered with a major online ordering system provider and will be bringing that discount over to you, the client. This is all at a one off cost and includes your very own website, further improving your brand. We will be incorporating a lot of the services which you can find here.

Why choose us? There is only a one off setup fee and a low monthly payment that is extremely competitive, no commission at all!

the little tiger online ordering system

You can see a working version we have worked on for the restaurant The Little Tiger, check out our portfolio page here of what services we provided for them.

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